#1 In the morning of the first day of the fall I have left everything (behind). I know you must be thinking I have left a collection of somethings that are, as a whole, inconsequential behind. That is not true, I have not. I have left something wonderful and very consequential behind, and I have left it behind without knowing what I have left it for. There is nothing tangible on my horizon. There is nothing tactile. There is only this idea: hope is like the sun very early in the morning. That is certain. Just about as certain as you can get about anything. So that hope is uncertain does not matter. Still, neither hope or uncertainty are as tactile as what I have left behind. So, neither are tactile. So what. DH Lawrence wrote,1 "Ours is essentially a tragic age..." No, it isn't the age that is tragic–every age is tragic: ours, yours, the previous, the impending. It is our lack of imagination that is tragic. The human race as an entire system of thoughts and actions and inactions and non-thoughts is tragic. We should be glorious. We should shine like the sun does when it rises and sits on top of the Atlantic, every morning. We should have crisp on our breathe. // Looking back at your rising pal / Such a sight / you crash on shore //2 The morning is the best time to do anything (work). Early. Just as the sun is coming up behind or in front of you. That is when we should be doing the essential work. I have never been a person to tell any other how to live or how not to live. So you should do whatever you want. It's your life. Your life is your life.3 So, do or do not get up with the sun this way. But I do. And I know how it all works. I know how it all feels then. It feels soft and quiet. It is green. And you have energy like you never thought. You don't need coffee. You don't need toast or a biscuit. Your body is awake like it never was. You know at once there is both nothing and everything inside you. It is a beast. It's a beast that keeps you moving in the early morning. It's hope. It is destiny. This leaves you drained by mid morning, or the morning most people call morning, and you will need to rest again.


1.The words that begin Lady Chatterley's Lover

2.Haiku of Twenty Seasons

3.The first line in The Laughing Heart