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There is no we. But people
are the most interesting.

The image must die first,
then be rebirthed.

There is a difference
between multi and inter.


The right question without
a clear answer is more
urgent than a right answer
to a wrong question.

"All (art) is done by
the individual.

We don't solve old
problems, we make
new ones.

We're kind of tired of clarity.
We used to be, probably
still are, sensible about it.

Through design–graphic
and otherwise–we are
experiences, gestures,
ideas, attempts, obser-
vations, uuhhh?s, slide
presentations,complete unfinishes, designs,
hmmms, writings, curious,
fragments, discoveries, handouts, researches, cumulative and more.

We think content
is the new aesthetic.

We like to use what
exists already. Pay

We have MFAs, BAs:
some in design,
some not in design.

Our work has been
passed around the
world wide web and
sent around the whole
wide world (thank
you TDC, Core 77,
Design Ignites Change).

We have worked with Metropolis, Print,
Collins:, the New
York Knicks, LG,
Xerox, DELL, and


We have no problem sharing this
condition of stampinventory. For
now, there are misspellings, etc.,
omisions, misspellings because of
omissions, etc.,alignment issues.
There isn't everything you typically
get in a portfolio-ish site, but it's
all coming soon. This isn't finished,
but there is some good content
here. We thank you for spending
some time at our site



"Afraid to not fail."

"Life is long."

"Struggle is good."

"Everything is there for you,
even what is not. You just
have to look for it, and if you
cannot find it all, fill in that
void, and you will become it."

"Design is an investment of time;
as much for the designer as for
the public."

/ Copyright 1997-2011 + 75
Bronson Stamp /



*/ EVERYTHING IS ( A _________ IN ) PROGRESS /

We keep our dictionaries out of order.
As in, we tear out the pages and rearrange the order. It's quite beautiful.
It isn't very effecient as a resource in
the traditional sense, but the internet
now provides that appeal anyway.
The way of going about it is not yet
perfectly methodical, which should be
a more refined approach than it is or
has been. But it shouldn't be rushed.
This way treats the print dictionary
with respect and as the story it is.
I Feel, I Fell word animation #1

Other word animations in development:
> Election + Ejection
> Wonder + Wander
> Chance + Change
> Now + New

For us, the idea of looking up a
word is an uncertain and endless
task. Because what you do when
you look up a word in the print
dictionary is really, opening up
the entire dictionary, not just the
location of the word you are looking
for. And then, let’s say you do
make it to the word you are looking
for in one piece, what happens,
or has the probability of happening,
is a journey that will last much longer
and take more abrupt and gradual
turns than you had ever imagined
because you cannot stay within the boundaries of that single word.

Every word within the definition
of every other word is indeed its
own entry point–that make up a
system of many, many entry
points–for distractions and
discoveries of that day or any other.

We look around first, to see what
exists in front of us already. And
then we determine what is necessary.

We also try to imagine what T.S.
Eliot's first words might have been,
and more tragically, how much sooner
they would have come had he been put
on medication for being a silent little
boy until he was four years old.Those
words, more than likely, would not
have been his poignant, and seemingly uneccessary, statement: "Look mother
it's raining out."

Cover of Journal Notebook, #001 in Series, so far.

Sorry we've never done letterpress,
and probably never will. But we will
put a spot varnish on uncoated paper.
We'll even put a dull varnish on
coated paper.

sd sdf


Q: Re: what the fuck is up with these animated gifs and other moving things all over the page?
A: Well, eventually people will either go blind or crack up over it all and then it won't matter anymore. Also, once that trend is over it will stop, until it makes sense for it to occur and then it should happen.

Q: Will you send a practice related email at 3:44 a.m.?
A: Yes. Of course.

Q: Intonation or Connotation?
A: This is a tough one. I enjoy both. I'm sorry, but I can't choose.

Q: Is it true that if you can make it in New York, you can make it
A: It depends. With design, or as some high end designers work,
as it is done in New York, I do not think so. I believe most designers
in New York would fail miserably outside of New York (maybe not
in London or Berlin). Their vision and outputs are so accute and isolating–perfect for New York where there is enough of an audience
even for the work that is cared about or relevant to so few.

Q: If you were a symbol, what would you look like?

(see: empty set)

Q: Footnotes or Endnotes?
A: Footnotes–by a wide margain.

Q: Where do you begin?
(I'm sorry. It shouldn't start with empathy; you should already have that.)
A1: You start with what exists already and what you know already.
A1a: Listening. Understanding. Where it fells natural to begin.
A1b: Maybe you realize that you don't begin at all, or that you began
a long time ago.
A2: "When" is also a necessary question...but let's talk about that
later. The answer to where is: I believe it is (or can be) different every
time. Usually, it's with the question or the problem, and then making
some observations, asking what do I already know and not know,
listening to the people involved. Rarely this is not the start, and in those cases it can begin from just about anywhere: form, note taking, output,
etc. It is similar to how the entire process has the possibility to be
different each time. It's all dependent on the problem–or more interestingly–the question.

Q: Ok, so when do you begin?
A: Now. Immediately. (How)?: Urgently. Not recklessly.

Q: Yes, but what's the output?
A: Thank you for that question. The answer is long. Well, it's a
long list anyway. The ouput is

Q: "Thank you for that piece of design. Now, can you make it go?"
A: No. Wait. Actually, well, sure. Of course I can make it go.
But I won't. Not in this instance, for that purpose.

Q: Can a conceptual or speculative desinger make a living?
Or, what I mean is–
A: –I know exactly what you mean. What you mean is can the
conceptual worker produce a result satisfactory to the practical
real world without comprimising. I don't know the answer, but
it's probably yes.

Q: –––
A: I know what you're going to ask. There is no "We".

Q: Did you live in a tent on the rooftop of an artit's loft in NY?
A: Yes, for a month; when I moved here for graduate studies.
But it wasn't a tall building. A two story loft off the Bowery.
So, it wasn't bad at all. I ended up staying in the loft for the
rest of the year.

Q: Do you collect receipts?

Q.: Do you have a twin brother?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you look alike?
A: Not really.

A: -----No, we can't read each other's mind.
Q: How did you know I was going to ask that?

Q: You have a cool name
A: That's not a question.

Q: If you claim to never finish anything, how do you get paid?
A1: Copyright infringement.
A2: I always complete the work, but never finish it.
A3: It doesn't matter. Let's just do something fantastic.

Q: Could you at one point dunk a basketball on a regulation height rim?
A: No. Why do you ask.

Q: But, you're white.
Q: And only 6 feet tall

The frequency, orientation, density, and material
of our bars is what will
make us different from one another.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Black & White.

Q: What's your favorite kind of milkshake?
A: Black & White

Q: Do you believe in process?
A1: I believe in: observation, improvisation, spontaneity,
instinct,second guessing, using what exists already, tiral/error.
A2: There is an initial reaction–very intense–at the first moment
of an idea or a projcet, when you have thoughts, solutions,
fragments flushing through your mind and then all of that
wanes and at some point patience returns to help filter
the results. This isn't a matter of incessant refinement, it's
really a matter of instinct and knowing when it's right. And,
sometimes a primary element of input will be found, by
accident perhaps, or by filtering curiosities very finely, at a
point several months or years after the output has been
established...and then you'll realize you have a process
that relies on chance, assymetry and continuous discovery,
among other things.

Q: Will anyone have made it this far in the Q/A?
A: We'll see. I hope so. This isn't one of those manifesto
Q/A. Or one where the questions are generic and the answers
predictable. For example: Q: So what do you do in your spare
time, which of course I would say something unoriginal with
zero insight like A:"Mostly playing with my cats, watching the
internet (netflix watch-instantly and hulu), treating myself to
pork-fat heavy meals (and therefore slowly draining my bank
account), riding my bike around Brooklyn, impulsive procrasti-
cleaning, and hanging out with my (girl)friend/friends." Of course,
I don't do any of these things, but you get the point. Plus,
this is posted on the internet, anyone who knows anything
about the internet knows people, whether interested in the
content or not, get distracted, so we are keeping this fun
(still relevant) and succinct. (Except this entry) (Sorry, reader.)

Q: Is there a difference between inspiration and influence?
A. Yes. A large difference. It's like the difference between
a song off an album and the album. One is usuallly fleeting,
forgotten by the time the next song plays and the other usally
lasts forever, debilitating you, and stealing part of you. Maybe
it's similar to lust and love. Although, I never saw a difference
in either of those. They are also the same. For me, I cannot lust
for someone I do not love, and cannot love someone I do not
lust for. Of course, I love some of my friends, but that is different.

9/11 New York anniversary sticker. Produced at two sizes. Big and Small.
Hollowed out, white, placed on any surface to fill in Twin Tower cut out.
Alternatively, this can be used as a stencil template. Pics to come.

The second application of the graphic is to place on top of existing
iconic New York City photography and fill in the void of the Twin Towers.




KNICKS YOU/US/WE/KNOW campaign More images coming.

1. ELECT/EJECT. The pathos of selection. Do we vote in favor of someone, or in opposition of someone else.
Secondarily, but just as interesting, the examination of the closeness of these two words structurally and emotionally.

Garish, indeed. Not my typical use of color, or I don't typically use color.
Maybe I should stop.

Print advertisements for Conrad Hotel.

Initially made by special request for a desktop background image (on left) and then used as my own desktop image (right).
Directions to participate:
1. Email a request for jgp.
2. Make jpg background (centerd option).
3. Minimize all windows.
4. Screenshot entire screen (to all edges).
5. Send screenshot (untouched).

Titles to a fine PSA concerning bigotry towards Islam. LINK TO VIDEO to see selected titles. Credits: coming.

sd asd

LP Cover (with alternative) for Ghanaian musician MENSA.


an. 1 Trophy

2012, 4 editions

1. When you do more than one thing at a time, usually none will be competely done. 2. Finite.

Layout and Illustrations NVA 2012 Proposal



Pamphlet and Book Cover:
Vs. is a series of independent essays and diagrams, each comparing two intimately related thoughts, ideas, tendencies, etc.
Look Down is a photo book based on gravity and the effects of gravity in both an acute and broad context.

This is another contribution to This time using quotes from players. Quote from Michael Jordan.
Use of negative space to complete letter form, which hopefully contributes to meaning of his quote.

Book cover of I Feel, I Fell.

Courage=Authority stickers/banners. Actual size 2" x 25"

Illustration for Morings in Mexico, DH Lawrence.

Sometimes typography and graphic elements are used in this manner to express a message.


Some repeated words on my new letterhead

asdf asd
book covers.

asdf asdf asdf

Identity developments; Art Direction: Bronson Stamp, Design: Nick Kastner

A lovely lady. I wonder if she is squinting even with her shades on.

An androgynous punk wannabe on a flyer.

Madison Sq Park, looking south down Broadway.



chosen illustration and Cover and then alternate Covers/Directions from June 2011 Metropolis magazine

2/0≠1-1(or anything)

2011 is a year of balance, and in this last basic equation the year as no meaning.
Visual Design of these equations is in process.

Series of sketches for line, shape , color, type


Flash website that integrates a deisgner's portfolio and blog; ended up too big to load. Does have some nice interactive surprises though. Email to set up a time for me to come over with file.

---.K.. is a bi-annual art journal. The content is shape and color; anything to do with shape and color. Then in B/W!

---Large format publication titled PATHS. Each edition identifies a specific destination (man-caused, philosophical, place, etc.)
and how we arrive at that destination.

---Handouts made for lecture: Futurism In The Classroom: Pushups and Criticism of Art School as A Stage, Jan. 2009
---There were 23 variations in composition (one each for the 23 attendees), each variation affecting the perspective, somewhat.
---Space around content was available for note taking. It looks like no body took notes though.

Model for Exploring
Word Meaning & Concept,
Through Definition.

/ One Word Dictionary (As Thesis)
The reduction of an entire system of parts to it's smallest
unit, to then expand each of those parts.

/ One Word Dictionary (Post-Thesis)
/ A Specific Word in A Specific Writing
/ My Mexico
/ Installation #1: T.S. Eliot's first words and his
four years of silence before that.
/ Experience #1: Access
/ Holiday Wrapping Paper
/ Condition Between Now and Then
/ Censored Art On-Line Archive
/ Word Based Research
/ Study of Silent Introduction (I was asked later if John Cage was
an influence. At the time I had never heard of John Cage. Now, after
finding out who John Cage was, I feel as if I always knew him.
/ Lecture: Futurism in the Classroom
/ Stolen Code Project
/ Watching Words Move, Again
/ On-Line Dictionary Experience
/ Case in Defesnse of Four or Five Categories of Necessary Objects
/ A watch that references time by events and
norms and is customizable for your own norms
/ 17 Flags from Black and White perspective