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Efficiency is the worst idea.

There is no we. But people
are the most interesting. And
the public is who we should
prepare the work for.

The image must die first,
then be rebirthed.

There is a difference
between multi and inter.


The moon.

/ Copyright 2010-2016 Bronson Stamp /
snoop around, then get your own

The right question without
a clear answer is more
urgent than a right answer
to a wrong question.

"All (art) is done by
the individual.

We don't solve old
problems, we make
new ones.

We're kind of tired of clarity.
We used to be, probably
still are, sensible about it.

Through design–graphic
and otherwise–we are
experiences, gestures,
ideas, attempts, obser-
vations, uuhhh?s, slide
unfinishes, designs,
hmmms, writings, curious,
fragments, discoveries,
handouts, researches,
cumulative and more.

We think content
is the new aesthetic.

We like to use what
exists already. Pay

We have MFAs, BAs:
some in design,
some not in design.

Our work has been
passed around the
world wide web and
sent around the whole
wide world (thank
you TDC, Core 77,
Design Ignites Change).

We have worked with K/R
Architechts, Cornell, Jazz
at Lincoln Center, Bloomberg,
Citibank, Metropolis,
Print, Collins:, the New York
Knicks, DELL, Waldorf, Young
and Rubicam, and ourselves.


We have no problem sharing this
condition of stampinventory. For
now, there are misspellings, etc.,
omisions, misspellings because of
omissions, etc.,alignment issues.
There isn't everything you typically
get in a portfolio-ish site, but it's
all coming soon-or not. This isn't
finished, but there is some good
content here. We thank you for
spending some time at our site


"Life is long."

"Struggle is good."

"Everything is there for you,
even what is not. You just
have to look for it, and if you
cannot find it all, fill in that
void, and you will become it."

"Design is an investment of time;
as much for the designer as for
the public."






*/ EVERYTHING IS ( A _________ IN ) PROGRESS /

This is a playground, seriously.

This is my/a/the/our/your/
P_ACT_ _ _.

We keep our dictionaries out of
As in, we tear out the pages and rearrange the order. It's quite beautiful.
It isn't very effecient as a resource in the traditional sense, but the internet now
provides that appeal anyway. The way
of going about it is not yetperfectly
methodical, which should be a more
refined approach than it is or has been.
But it shouldn't be rushed.This way treats
the print dictionary with respect and as the story it is.

I Feel, I Fell word animation #1

Other word animations in development:
> Election + Ejection
> Wonder + Wander
> Chance + Change
> Now + New
> Nature + Nurture

For us, the idea of looking up a
word is an uncertain and endless
task. Because what you do when
you look up a word in the print
dictionary is really, opening up
the entire dictionary, not just the
location of the word you are looking
for. And then, let’s say you do
make it to the word you are looking
for in one piece, what happens,
or has the probability of happening,
is a journey that will last much longer
and take more abrupt and gradual
turns than you had ever imagined
because you cannot stay within the
boundaries of that single word.

Every word within the definition
of every other word is indeed its
own entry point–that make up a
system of many, many entry
points–for distractions and
discoveries of that day or any other.

We look around first, to see what
exists in front of us already. And
then we determine what is necessary.

We also try to imagine what T.S.
Eliot's first words might have been,
and more tragically, how much sooner
they would have come had he been put
on medication for being a silent little
boy until he was four years old.Those
words, more than likely, would not
have been his poignant, and seemingly uneccessary, statement: "Look mother
it's raining out."

Cover of Journal Notebook, #001 in Series, so far.

Sorry we've never done letterpress,
and probably never will. But we will
put a spot varnish on uncoated paper.
We'll even put a dull varnish on
coated paper.



A: The flute will be the (musical) instrument of the avant garde in 2017.

Q: The reports from Worcester County, MD, home of Oma, my sweet 89 yr. old German g-ma, who supports Republicans and is one of them who still supports Trump (she has a sign in her yard, though there are many of them in said County).
A: All reports indicate she won't change her mind. And so, when you love this lady, as your Oma, you cannot harm her, physically, as she is old and you love her... so we will lie and tell her Hillary is now Trump, so a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump. Idk if this will fucking work... MD is a blue state, we'll be fine, but damn, just wish Oma could see the truth. She's also a millionaire, so I gotta stay on her good side.

WXT... there comes upon us a shallow pond, glassy and cool, its view filtered by a barrier of Spanish cane. Parting the cane for you there comes bits of sparkle on the water's surface. Behind us, we have just come through many miles of a loose maze of dogwoods, dwarf pines, hazel bush, silver birch, crape myrtles. There, the branches and leaves filter the sunlight, putting bits of sparkle on the floor and your shiny black hair. Seemingly there is no way to have known any of this existed, but it surely did. It makes my heart beat faster. And this dream makes me wonder: aren't we ready to go back yet?

Q: The understanding that Denasia Lawrence put into her action?
A: She put it perfectly: "I took the opportunity to sing and kneel to show that we belong in this country and that we have the right to respectfully protest injustices against us."

Q: You love Chinatown in a cold rain?
A: Yes, love.

Q: Are you tired of answering the question "So, do you sketch?" as it relates to ideation and iteration and generative processes?
A: It's all jargon to me. But I understand the desire to ask it, though what "sketch" means to me–and I'm not alone on this by any notion–is to take notes, research subjects, and to get the things you already know out of the way. I can communicate in that way in several forms, all of which I consider sketching, and it facilitates a process.

Q: Jeff Buckley's voice top 5?
A: Listen to these two songs: Lover, You Should Have Come Over and Just Like a Woman

Q: Bruce says "...everything that dies someday comes back..."
A: Well my Umbrella grass (among other things is dead), and I don't think it's coming back

Q: Employ the employer + employ the audience/participants.

Q: Newsprint's properties (over time) lend remarkabley to the creation of tidal waves?
A: Isn't it clear!! Look over there.

Morning: pushups, art, news
Daytime: professional office design, a good walk around the block,
Evening: cooking activity, reading, hulu, a beer with Stix and the gang .

Q: Are you having the tidal wave dreams again?
A: Yes, seems so.

Conclusion > Solution

It's raining.

Q: Whatever the complete opposite of the Nobel prize is, that's what Donald Trump should win.
A: Yes.

Q: That land you almost bought in Idaho, back in 2001...?
Q: You were admitted into the graduate program for Negotiation Management and Conflict Resolution and withdrew to study communication design? A: Yes, I forget about that sometimes.
Q: Malt vinegar on fries over any other condiment? A:Yes.
Q: Congrats to my pals at K/R + Marina Abramovic's new project together. And, looking foreward-ish to reading her memoir.

Q: Your feelings on the use of the word "consternation"?
A: The use of that word makes me anxious. The word is just so agitating.

Q: Oma remarked on how "nice" my tush looked in slacks, and the meaning of the size of my "large, nice" boots?
A: Hmm Hmm, she's always been a flirt (aka: locker room talk for 89 year old g-mas)

This site right here is a context in and of itself, so to immerse–or even more simply, to insert–the work here reforms the context, the purpose, the realm of that work, as well. Got it? The work, or a work as its own realm, is no longer.

Q: Oma has a Trump sign on her fence!!!!???
A: I know, I know...I did what I could to shift her mind toward 2020, if at least she could wait it out for another candidate then. I wonder if she'll notice i took the sign down on the way out. But c'mon age is no excuse, i mean: a pig is a pig is a pig no matter what generation/party/human we're talking to.

Q: Heading down south to the land of the pines?
A: Hey mama... made it down the coast in 7 some hours... if i die... picking up my alto now...

Q: Back on the shore, falling asleep to the crickets and then rising up to the bullfrogs?
A: Home sweet home.

Q: Why are you still so tan?
A1: I'd rather die in the sun than live in the shade.
A2: You gotta make time for the bright time.

Q: You received your absentee ballot?
A: I sure did! People don't forget: the State and County elections are just as significant, perhaps more so than even federal elections, even this year's.

A: Constraints are precisely that: constraints. Restricting. Limiting. When communication designers discuss their relationship with constraints, it's often in a thankful and welcoming tone. I'm not sure I see it that way.

a. So what if I prefer the shitty coffee at the bodega owned by the Koreans?
b. (The) New Republic published a piece "What are White Writers For?"... it's a fair question.

Q: Your neighbors, the fresh out of undergrad straight couple living together above you?
A: After a year and a half, I'v e never seen them hold hands. She walks in front of him often. No bed rattling sex. They've paid for their coffee order separately at least four times. I get logistics, but it's sad to me, as a romantic.

Q: Chicken wings fried hard, champagne, piles and piles, Orioles game, cold apartment
A: Sounds like a decent Friday night.

('s raining)

Q: You love...LOVE....8.5x11 sheets of paper?
A: I really do, at that size too, but it's also a wondeful proportion to scale up.

Q: Are you impressed with the new e-flux sites?
A: Yes, as I was just talking it over with the K/R principals, the e-flux experience is what we had aimed for with a new site but couldn't convince a stakeholder to go with this direction.

Q: There should be–or should not be– an integration of content, serious play, provocation, invitation, and democracy.

Q: Oh ok, I can't lie: I clapped and laughed and rooted and hmph-d throughout most of the debate too.

Q: Comparing translations of Issa's death poem..:
A: Well it's even tricky in that both ARE a translation to begin with.

Q: Do you want to be anything other than a boy, roaming the dune grasses of a seashore?
A: Funny you should ask. No, not really. Well, I mean... yes... but no?

Q: You're over centered shit?
A: Mostly, it's just default execution. Certainly, it depends on the content–and the purpose of the content–that is centered, but i'd say yes, mostly over it.

Q: You and Laz convinced the new bartender to play the entire Stakes is High album off your iPhone over the bar's sound system.
A: Laz did most of the convincing, I just had the album on my iPhone and so it was on. If Sticks had been there with us, well whoo-oooha--ahhh that would have been something. I heard a week or so later she was told by the owner to never do that again. Somebody ratted her out I guess.

Q: Park Slope debate-watching tactics?
A: Be drunk enough to roll eyes at table slapping, live-tweeting, seat stealing, camo wearing white people who debate the winner.

Q: Has Trump been the straw man this entire time?!!!!!!?

Q: Ralph Ellison on Jazz or Amirki Baraka on Jazz..???
A: Such an exciting situation...

Q: You all go to brunch, I'm going to the bookstore.

Q: Edward Wright, This is Tomorrow original at the PS1 Art Book Fair?
A: I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. For $1700. I was temtped.

Q: Has anyone ever culturally appropriated the white male in literature?
A: I doubt it, why would they.

Q: I wonder, if in 30 years, when all the bodily ailments have been achieved I'll be able to blame them all on 2016, for certain.

Q: What kind of mooncake are you looking forward to?

Best Boss Album: Nebraska, easily. Well, i could go with "I'm Going Down" as the best album, but it's only a song. I'll go with that anyway.

There's that pale grey light of an autumn morning, it's coming on through just now.

Q: No hard feelings?
A: No way, none at all. It was wonderful.

Q: Things leading to things leading to things leading to things leading to the seashore

Q: SAD kicking in already????Fuck!!

Q: If you can get there in time, will you stand with the Sioux in North Dakota?
A: Without a doubt.

Stakes is High, 1996: DeLaSoul...not many people where supporting this in a public way, much less talking about it back then: "...if love is against the law, listen I dunno, gotta change the way it's going down..."

Q: Right, and as a designer of course you have the masthead and the look/feel before anything else for the new publication?
A: Well, yes. But the principles that will drive the content are also determined.

A: It's going to be a scorcher out there today, folks.

A: Right, and Code doesn't belong to digital, either.

Q: De La Soul and Mitski better win someting before anything Kanye has done this year

Q: The whole thig was resolvable, so what happened?
A: It's like this: when you're at the lowest with a lover, that's when the love and understanding and self-realizations are needed most. Anyone can love in the finest moments.

Q: Youre in a Pre Post-NYC attitude?
A: There is no place like it, but yes.

Q: Being ____________________,_______,___________,_________,____,__,______,__________,
__________,_,_______,___,_________________,___,________,____,________,__, may indeed define you.

Q: Are you looking to move back to Chinatown?
A: It's either Chinatown or beat this town, you know.

Q: To be focused on Aesthetic, is to displace focus from its natural place: Reason.

Q: What have you been spending your money on lately?
A: Exciting New Books / Heavy and Thin Paper / "Making" Materials / Black Ink / That Good Bad Beer / The New Commute

Q: KITH: it's ok?
A: Yeah, it's ok.

Q: Colin Kaepernick?
A: He's right. And, he should continue his protest, and probably go even further (by using not only his cultural position but his financial position) and he'd still be right.

Q: There is no use sleeping in, even if you can. I'm happy being up as early as possible, no matter when I go to bed the night before. I really have no say over it, it's in my nature to rise and begin abruptly.

Q: Rumors have it that "And" will now be the first in the One Word Dictionary series?
A: Yes.


Q: 2016 is the year of crazy?
A: Yeah, and maybe we'll get it all out so 2017---------->>>>>>>>>>>> is pretty ok.

A: If I hear one more white person 1) complain about the heat, or 2) use the phrase "this heat is oppressive" I will stab them and let them die slowly, in that heat.

Q: Does the necessary*, extraneous*, inefficient* noise ever stop in this city?
A: This city is built on inefficiency, indeed it thrives because of it. But not thrive in a good way.

A: Scroll, Navigation, Interaction, Experience, Product, Flick, Tap, Click...none of these are owned by Digital.

A: I love Chinatown.

A: Yeah, my commute kept me underground, the work space was one of those wide open spaces, the election coverage was intensifying, the work was kind of becoming ordinary...all signs led to leaving. Though it was nice to have sweet meet ups with my
then girlfriend, who worked across the street.

Q: Alphaville > Breathless

Q: Clouds or Haze?
A: Hmm, I'll take haze, I suppose.

Q: Does anyone, anymore get the significance of the Corner Window?
A: I think so.

Q: I Seem to Be a Verb and most of Fiore's page layouts are superior to what the kids are doing these days?
A: Yes, their mimesis is fun to watch.

A: Less Harry Potter, more Hunger Games

Q: Color...? Now? Of all times?
A: I recently began using more color for strategic/career purposes, yet I'm finding color to be quite an unusual pal.

Q: Did you add some pages to the site?
A: Click here.

Q: It's pretty simple: the user can only scroll as far as what we provide.

Q: The Olympics (Ping Pong, Hurdles, Swimming), The Election, Mr. Robot

A: It's going to be a scorcher out there today folks

Q: Fried Chicken, Champagne, greasy hands, doodles

A: At 4am the phone bzzzzzzzzz, bzzzzzzzzz. I hoped it was a text, but it was just an email newsletter from a publication in London (10 am their time.)

A: Frank Zappa

A: I once did the logo and identity for the 1987 Ocean City Elementary School Field Day, which was kind of like the Olympics.

A: And then took gold in the hurdles.

Q: Toni Braxton!

sQ: Get you out of here?
A: I (asterik) + (...) NY

A: Design is a question, not a statment. It's: "Is Design (fill in the blank)."
not "Design is (fill in the blank)." We shouldn't declare or even dictate these types of things.

Q: Empirical, Qualitative, Immerision?

Q: Make with purpose, intention, and consideration.

Q: Why can't we all just vote right now? Is anyone changing their mind at this point? Oh right, because American Politics is a business.

Q: Will the piles or the stacks win out?
A: Hard to say

Q: Blue Crab molting or Butterfly metamorphosis?
A: You know, they're very different.

ALI BABA...that was clever


Q: The coverage of the RNC + DNC makes you miss working in media?
A: Well, missing working in media, i don't know about that.

A: Well now, the DNC just got a whole lot more interesting.

A: Netscpae Navigator, you were not the best, but you were my first, and that will always mean something. And we share Dec.15th as our birthday.

Q: What's up with
A: Well it's more complex than that and not absolutely a fair claim in visual and experiential culture, but certainly the homogeny is the hegemony and that's an issue.

Q: Fast Car?
A: I don't mind driving, if you just wanna DJ baby.

Q: Do you go to the apple store and set up stampinventory on as
many computers as possible?
A: I just did.

Q: What is a takeway from your trip to the apple genius bar?
A: All of the things may not be everywhere all of the time (you know: out there stored someplace), but all of the the things are always somwhere all of the time.

Q: What will the evenings bring now, without the RNC?
A: Maybe we'll chase fireflies.

Q: Will night two of the RNC top night one?
A: I kind of hope so.

A: Sometimes when you can't sleep, if you move your body entirely and place your head at the foot of the bed and your feet at the head of the bed, you can sleep again, sometimes. It's kind of like sleeping head to toe with your ghost.

Q: When will there be more haiku?

Q: Why "The Classroom and The Cell"?
A: (from a white man)... they have beautiful voices. becuase it's a recent converstaion and analysis between two black people, one form the old guard, one from the new, though sadly telling the same story. It's not a book or essay written for an audience. More published converstaions like this need to be read and heard by white people, and less thought pieces or commentaries or essays. As well, there's a reference list at the end of each chapeter for further reading.

Q: The tearing of the dictionary...what's the status?
A: The block has been separated. The (20) signatures are now being separated as we speak. Documentation occuring as well.

Q: It's easy to feel like you're falling behind because you aren't keeping up?

Q: Do you go back there, above the gunk?
A: I do. Wandering, it's the palce I always end up. It's the place I stop and feel right, and tired, and as if I never.

Q: White T's?

IQ: Basho's non Basho. Issa's > Issa.
A: I envy that Basho relinquishes. I envy that Issa endured.

Q: Is it hard for you to say?

Q: Aren't you glad the week is finally here?
A: I've been waiting all weekend for it.

Q:....the (...) elements of elegance, concentration, clumsy, rural?
A: Yes, that was part of it. Just a part though.

Q: There has to be a more repspectful (to the letters, I mean) way to obscure profane words visually, in text?
A: Yes...or just don't obscure them.

Q: Who's going down down down, down?
A: Me and the Boss.

Q: Spary it, don't say it?
A: Yes.

Q: You're certain they'll want something more clear, straightforward...?
A: Yes, positive.

A: The natural state is chaos, in favor of Play.

Q: To respect the looker (the user) in our communications...the maker must do what?

Q: You said, "I desire to be an activity designer?" Explain.

Q: Is this a Simulation? Decoy? Declaration?

Q: There is a fine line between zeitgeist and expiration.

Q: You've said, "Make responsibly, not responsively." (Copyright, TM))

Q: It's not the screen you're addicted to.

Q: Stop being a pergestgimformuremickance.

Q: Print wasn't even dying, not even close to dying?
A: Of course it wasn't.

Q: Is it a reproduction?
A: Well, not exactly. Mostly it is, yes.

Q: The flyover states?

Q: All this cute shit?
A: All this cute shit is for the birds. Let's get real.

Q: Why didn't you answer when I buzzed your apt this morning?
A: It wasn't the first time, you know that. It wasn't and never is
personal. The explanation is simple, and I believe quite fair.

Q: The book version won't have misspellings?
A: Probably not.

Q: Dance like the whole world is watching?
A: Yes, you should! Dance like the entire world is watching.
Move them.

Q: Form > Adorned < UnAdorned > Glamour

Q: You prefer an idea over a flourish of glitter?
A: Mostly, yes.

Q: "It's 2016, everyone takes nice photos."
A: You said it.

Q: The title, forthcoming: "We Wouldn't Get Anything Done"
A: Yes, and even though nothing happens, it makes sense in the end.

Q: The screw must be the right screw. With the right point. The right
amount of wear?
A: Yes.

Q: Puncuation > Spelling
A: I agree. Puncuation is...

Q: People need to do more things alone, completely alone?
A: Yes.

Q: The nuances and thoughtfullness-ness are being discarded for plain, benign, ordinary, boring, easy, even lazy..?
A: Yes

Q: What I mean is: why must the poster be against the wall? Can't it
come off the wall?
A: God, please let it.

Q: Spray it, don't say it?
A: Yes.

Q: Maybe > Yes > No...?
A. Yes.

Q: If flash cards are a crock of shit, what's not a crock of shit?
A: That's precisely the hypothesis...what's not a crock of shit.

Q: Are you bored with the grand statements?

Q: everything here is either: retreating, active, rolling, etc?

Q: Will you mix mediums, mid-medium/communication?
A: Certainly.

Q: You can only have so much chaos. You must have a container for
your chaos, that isn't chaotic. Whether it be a bare sheet of white
paper or a steel case?
A: You put things so mildly.

Q: When will things stop moving?
A: If they should move, let them continue. If they should not, hault them.

Q: When you present something in simple, almost benign form, it
lets the subject carry the burden?

Q: Organization and Creativity are a strange affair?
A: It's on and off again, that's for certain.

Q: Most see color as red or orange or violet. You see it as a measure
of density and percentage?
A: Yes,

Q: Flat is as much a sensibility as an execution?
A: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz..

Q: It's a fallacy to assume, or want, a person to be for or against
certain situations because of their age or generation. Like, you
dispsise the image. And the contsants.
A: Right.

Q: Punctuation vs. Image....?
A: Punctuation, easily.

Q: You work with subtle gestures and intimations–or, if you will,
inklings or that, embelishment and decoration aren't necessary?
A: Yes

Q: Designers use whatever tools they want, or need, at any given moment, whether it be a crayon or an ipad?
A: Yes.


Q: You seem to have a wonderful sense of wonder?
A: Yes I do.

Q: Oh, so it's all personal work?
A: Yes it has to be, there's no other choice, is there?

Q: It's rumored you're leaving the hypothetical?
A: It appears so, for a moment.

Q: It's the idea that you could do anything, if asked; the
whole inter/mulit thing?

Q:You think it's funny that people talk about technology as
if it is something new.
A: We tend to forget technology has been around for a siginificant
amount of time.

Q: Design is a ____________... (Reaction)?

Q: We are treating the internet all wrong?
A: In many cases, yes. We don't even understand its
most desirable or essential capabilities.

Q: A fire fly mossied by?
A: Yes

Q: Is it funny that some studios put the time on thier site?
A: Well, I think it's an unnecessary embellishment.

Q: Nuance and abundance will prevail?
A: If that's what makes sense.
Only in a few places–the places I want to be.

Q: Them 'being bored of being against things' got boring?
A: So boring.

Q: Nothing is ever done, whether it's made or not made does not matter?
A: Yes.

Q: The pubic/public thing or the Madird/Madrid thing?

Q: Fill this motherfucker up?
A: Yeah.

Q: So you do understand best the notion of a clear beginning, middle,
and end?
A: You're good.

Q: That's why they term it Experience Design?
A: Yeah, so we're not limited to visual. It's obviuos. I've sa

Q: A lifelong pal just just described the aging process, or at least
a primary characteristic of becoming older, as one becoming
A: Yes. It struck me immediately.

Q: It's up to us to put new places on the map. To talk about and visit
the new places that are quite frankly more interesting and have better
food and relevant zeitgeist. So...No Paris? No Tulum? No New York?
A: Yes.

Q: I like it. Why?
A: There's a reason you like it. Don't forget that. And you don't know
the reason, all you know is that you like it. And that's fine–even
preferred. But I'm the reason you like, my decisions. Don't you forget
that either. So back off with all your lip over how to make it better.

Q: What?
A: Well, what has the potential to happen when you open up the
spacing, the words look less like words, and more like symbols.
Oh, symbols of what? Yes, I know: that's the sticky part. Well, what
you have seen a lot of, and a lot of for not a very good reason other
than it's been done so often in the past, is this treatment becoming
the default, quarter machine, solution...Do it, sure. But do it with
consideration and thought.

Q: Yes, the hamburger is all wrong, and so are the methodologies?
A: (pointing and follwoing with a finger through the air) Was that a....
Errrr, sorry, ummm yes.

Q: Was your grandfater–on your mother's side–nicknamed "Q"?
A: He was.

Q: Everything looks the same still, doesn't it?
A: It's embarrassing.

Q: Have all the romantics fled New York?
A: I don't know if fled is the right word at all. Seems to abrupt a description.
There was an urgency to leave, but there was no immediate/rapipd reaction to a period. Like most evacuations of this kind, it's taken years, and policies
and situiations to erode the notions and bashfulness of the people we're
talking about. But, no, a few remain. And two are all you need, anyway. New York isn't what is once was, in relation to romance. It's nothing close to
what it once was. But, we're trying.

A: Why finish? The way to go is this: 1. Begin 2. Revise. That's it.

Q: A vision?
A: I had a vision, of my own, that upon my dying moments, much later in
my life, with white hair, I will have an intense and coherent recollection of
my life's dearest moments. And the room will be bluegrey-ish-sunny and cool, my skin clean, my pants and sweater neatly worn, and my body
hanging in the door frame leading to my estate's moor.

Q: What's Henry Simon up to these days?
A: Not sure. Have you seen him?

Q: What's your passcode?
A: ha...ha...ha (that's not it) (neither is that) (or that)...(or those dots)

Q: Yeah?
A: Yeah.

Q: Nina and Gil?
A: I mean...yeah.

Q: Yes. Yes. Yes. Certainly. And, as an essential element to sanity?
A: That's true: we must specialze.

Q: You enjoy the complexities in the work, dont' you?
A: I enjoy giving people something to think about. If that's a
complex input or output, well so be it.

Q: You've found that music and concentration are not related?
A: For me, it's quite the opposite actually. I love them on their own,
but not together. They each distract me, so that together I lose

Q: You believe that when you understand the limitations of sometthing
and you then begin behaving with that thing, you have ruined
your imagination for revealing the potential of that thing?
A: Yes.

Q: You never clock out?
A: In a sense, I never clock out. You could say I clocked in on
Dec. 15, 1977 at 2:08 AM. That was 37 years ago. And have been
on ever since. That's a lot of overtime.

Q: This is a continuation?
A: Yes, of course it is. And always will be.

Q: What's up with display sites?
A: Yes, seems that is what prevails, for now.

Q: It's about making noise?
A: Yeah, you get it now.

Q: Either Everything moves, or nothing moves?
A: Yes, unless there is only one thing moving, that's ok.

Q: A smile?
A: Ok, I gave you one, in fact six or seven, just now.
Q: You did?
A: Yes. And you missed them because you were looking at my mouth.

Q: Practice?
A: Of course. If you wait for it to come to't do that.
Keep it up.

Q: Yeah, you're right this isn't moblie friendly...?
A: It's barely desktop friendly. Get off your phone.

Q: Junkyard?
A: No.

Q: Was it the tidal wave dream again?
A: Yes.

Q: The finish line? Oh, there isn't enough time for everything, so
do as much as you can toward something and accept that
something else is either about to re-emerge or be introduced to you.
A: Yes.

Q: Do you belive in the delusion caused by Instagram filters?
A: That's the wrong phrasing of the question.

Q: Say it don't spray it?
A: Yes.

Q: What about if i REALLY spary it?
A: Ok, if you REALLY spary it.

Q: There is a visual element, an experiential element, an interactive
element, a content element, and a few more probably: they all need
to give a shit about each other to be harmonious together?
A: Ya.

Q: Can you multi-task?
A: Why in the world would I want to do more than one thing at
a time? But, yes, I can; though I don't.

Q: But all the work is different looking?
A: Looking??? Of course it is.

Q: It's what you do leading up to and immediately after a signigicant
encounter that makes you something?
A: I believe, sometimes.

Q: You do all of this alone?
A: I think some people, special people, can do it alone, yes.

Q: A phone size and a desktop computer size are really diffferent?
A: It's lazy, and dispicable to think about a single solution to serve both.

Q: How often do you wonder?
A: I am right now, if that's what you mean.

Q: Remember that time you lived in a tent on the roof of a old artist loft right
off the Bowery?
A: Why do you always bring that up?

Q: You know they're going to say "finally something contemporary?"
A: I mean, let them.

Q: On the Wall it's art, on the floor it's garbage?

Q: Is love blind?
A: Of course, as it should be. And so is loneliness.

Q: Some ask about the refinement of the work.
A: It isn't necessarily refined here. Sometimes it is. One day I'll
give it to you the way you expect it. Then when you're bored
you'll remember the good times we had, this way.

Q: What are your activities, here?
A: It depends.

Q: The whoie thing's a work in progress?
A: Of course it is. What else would it be.

Q: Collaboration is not the same as democracy?
A: No, it's not. And they both are inferior to Cooperation.


Q: It doesn't matter what you wear?
A: I want to get up and get out and go out there, and begin doing
as quickly as possible each day. It's a larger discussion...let's come
back to this later, please.

Q: Are you him?
A: Well, im not not him, you know.

Q: You've made a sign that reads "The courage to try something gives
you the authority to try something."
A: I did, yes. Courage is beautiful.

Q: What's up with saving the world?
A: I feel like I can make the world a more imaginative, thoughtful, complex place. That's my focus. I'll leave "saving the world" to
doctors and lawyers....and Willie Nelson.

Q: Your ideal team?
A: A writer, A designer, A developer, A dog, A comedian,
A linguist, A cook, A martial artist, A sturdy table, A day dream.

Q: The back button?
A: I mean, it feels odd to use it these days for basic functions.
I can see it though being utilized for something new and magical.

Q: Shitty bodega coffee?

Q: Technology?
A: Yeah, it's amusing to me that people talk about technology
as if it's something new.

Q: At some point you have to ask yourself how many times do
you want to tell your story, you know?
A: I do know. Yes. You're talking about that guy in the corner,
over there, in his late 40's telling some tale of his parents life to
some young gal who tries to talk wiser than her age to somehow impress this fool. Then he responds with some line about
"you've got the rest of your life..." and she believes it.

Q: Don't you wonder if there is a better a way to do and
to make (produce, manufacture) literally every single thing
that's out there in the world.
A: I do, yes: literally everything. I just bought a six pack of
canned beer, and I wondered–and now this is quite simple
minded and reductive, mind you–why someone still makes
the plastic ring holder for the six many mallards
and doves will choke to death before we stop making that.

Q: Let's just do something crazy and wonderful for/to the world?
A: Always.

Q: Say yes to everything; you can always find a way out later.
A: the answer is obvious..lalalalhaha
A: at a point in your life, you should say no to most things, though

Q: To either inform, provoke, or entertain...
A: Yes. And don't forget: to bring joy or alarm.

Q: Are you restless?
A: Yes. We must be.

Q: Your first crush was Penny from Inspector Gadget?
A: She had it all: brains, brain (the dog), and a double pony tail.
And those patched up pants...she was hot. Obviously.

Q: "I had you at Superstudio?"
A: Yes.

Q: You're designing a wall in Beijing?
A: Yes. It's going to be impactful. Thanks.

Q: Did you forget about that?
A: No, never. Not that.

Q: Are you concernced with the "reductive" movement?
A: Not really. There are enough of us out there that know how
to defeat those types.

Q: If you can't convince them, confuse them?
A: I mean, it's a dirty and folish tactict.

Q: In honor of the hypothetical, but quite impossible
(regarding ones–mostly your–work)?
A: Yes.

Q: She was a perfect mess?
A: Yes.

Q: You can't resist Shake Shack can you?
A: No, I can't.

Q: To show off the grid, one must USE the grid?
A: Yes. No.

Q: So an introvert walks out of a bar?
A: Yeah. Funny joke, right?

Q: Did they come back?
A: You're confusing the readers...the raccoons haven't been back.
(See below)

Q: To think and to laugh are the essential behaviors?
A: I believe, yes. The shift between them is quite possible.

Q: Who has aged worse: Colin Farrell or James Franco?
A: Macaulay Culkin

Q: On consecutive nights, a pair of raccoons have come into your apt
very late while you were sleeping ?
A: Howd you know? Yes. Well, tonight I'll be waiting for them.

Q: Remember Jamiroquai?
A: Yes. Still good.

--- Q: You want to see that new movie w/ me tonight?
A: As a friend?
--- A: No, As the girl of my dreams.

Q: Your mom recently asked you "are you eating ok?"
A: You know moms...I just say "Mom, Im eating...that should be
good enough. Love you. Bye."

Q: The guy thought "you remind me of Vin Diesel" was a
A: Ha, you should have BEEEEEN there.

Q: Will you ever look at it any differently?
A: No, it will always be with this extreme passion and interest.

Q: You know that you don't know?
A: That's right. I don't want to know; it's all the more better
when you're still figuring things out. And then, re-figuring
them out. And then slapping yourself.

Q: Do you think it was a coincidence Robin Williams killed
himself on a Sunday?
A: I don't at all. Have you ever felt really low on a particular
Sunday, and on another particular Sunday felt
particularly high? Yes, of course you have. Well imagine that,
times 10 for a depressed person.

Q: What's the point?
A: You know what I'm talking about...the important shit.
Or the really unimportant shit. You know...extremes.

Q: Some people have twitter. Some people have facebook. What
do you have?
A: This. And Wayne.

Q: You are a neat and orderly person, I can see.
A: Why, yes I am. Good observation. Occasionally I am a slob, but
I do like getting dressed up and being classy.

Q: What's up with Math?
A: I know, well look: math is cool until you start adding letters
and dot dot dots and short lines and longer lines and paranthesis
and start stacking shit. Math should be limited to numbers only.
If you need to try to figure out a value for a or b or c, it's not math:
it's riddle. If I want a riddle I'll read Lewis Carroll. Also, I guess
I'll be hiring a math tutor for the kids. But, god bless math.

Q: We should all want to do the important work that many will see?
A: I think so anyway. I mean really, it's about doing something
you're passionate about. Important = influential, meaningful,
timely, provocative, funnny, supportive, urgent, etc.

Q: Does sitting in front of a computer make you happy?
A: Is the president white?

Q: Real > Perfect?
A: Everytime.

Q: Wait, you have kids?

Q: What came first, the question or the answer?
A: MMMM, so tricky. I'd say you just answered your own
question, ehhem, no?

Q: What's that music in your apartment right now?
A: My parents sent up all my old cds from home. I coverted to
MP3 files and now I have my 90's hip-hop and r&b blasting.
Thanks for listening.

Q: When should things begin?
A: Sometimes I don't really get your questions.

Q: Did you hear the one about the–

Q: Your arm around your lover or your hands holding?
A: Both.

Q: There is some serious stuff going on in the world.
A: I know it. But say it don't spray it man...What you're getting
at is that the important stories (along with the ones that
make us laugh) are the ones we need to be telling.

Q: I don't even know what year we're in.
A: Oh. It's 75% over but welcome to 2014.

Q: What's better than sliced bread?
A: A whole bread that you can tear apart. Using your hands is a lost art.
Also: holding hands is nice.

Q: I mean, who doesn'l like Frank Sinatra?
A: I know man, It's a fool who doesn't. it's this bullshit some
people think about. Listen, I love gil scott heron and nina simone
and that guy that howls at the bar and that girl in the subway station down in Brooklyn too, but it doesn't mean Frank Sinatra isn't good
too. I can't believe we're talking about this.

Q: Wow, what a long time since we last spoke.
A: I was away on business. Hi again. You look good. Yoga?

Q :...let's write it...
A: ...It shouldn't be written...
A: I didn't say use words, I just said write.

Q: Do you wish designers would stop forcing the web to look
like and act like print?
A: I don't actually, butI I think force is the right word.

Q: Do you ever wonder that you give it all away like this?
A: All the time.

Q: Cooperation needs to endure while this phrase-and phase-
collaboration fades from its lofted + misunderstood + abused existence?
A: Yes.

Q: It's a shame that we need to wear headphones
everywhere, isn't it?
A: It's painful to see the public become so private.

Q: So, Bronson: How do you update your website?
A: Well, Dair, like this.

Q: So what you're saying is, you would eliminate the notion of synonyms?
A: Yes, I thinks it's an absurd notion. Antonyms, on the other
hand deserve their existence.

Q: We, as designers, are going to wake up one day when it's
too late and realize being a form maker was enough all along.
A: We may be extinct by the time that day arrives. I have more
to say, though: the insecurities that have plagued the field forever
have led to this feeling we need to be so smart and broad.
Communication as a generality is fabulous, and the right
designers should take it on, but too many are and it's putting
all of us in this awkward place. Stop it.

Q: Design more. Talk way less.
A1: (head knod up and down)
A2: Or just talk about it less delicately and preciously.

Q: Design solutions aren't found on Pinterest or FFFFFound,
rather through a more committed, accidental, peripheral, etc
discovery formation?
A: Yes.

Q: ...(a long pause)... So it's Beatuy that is the idea?
A: ...(a shorter than long pause)... Sometimes.

Q: Cynicism and Caution are–
A: –I know, I know. I can't say it clearly enough: I am cautious,
that's all there is to it.

Q: Is it true there are things to learn that can't be taught?
A: Yes, very true.

Q: I know I have asked this before: Writers are the most influential
communicators to the other forms of communicators?
A: I believe so, yes.

Q: You need to finish to feel complete?
A: No. The realization of something–what most label "finished"–
is one of the many details that would constitute completeness.
But to feel complete all one needs to do is feel good about it.
Do you feel complete when you finish a piece of shit thing?
I hope you don't.

Q: When someone asks: "Where do you want to go?" what is the response?
A: I guess it's more of a circumstance than a time, or a place
or period in life, or the world's life. It's a situation, not a

Q: Stacks are not the same as Piles?
A: Don't be stupid. Is tomorrow the same as the day after today?

Q: Analytics, or Numbers, are not the measure of success?
A: (Your gut, insticnt, oh and Ethnography, Qaulitative...are truer)
So, of course not. Fool. And only fools think so. Let's come back
to this. There is more to say along the lines of sucess-ness
beyond the measurables.

Q: Talk less, do more?
A: It sounds as such an obvious topic when you ask it that way.
I mean, talk is distracting in the moments of work, yes.
Many young workers want to talk too much, they should just concentrate on the work, without talking. But laying in bed with
your lover you could say talk more, listen more do more.

Q: Clearly commerce is mandating design/UX/IA/ decisions?
A: Clearly, the mediums are being neglected for an effeicient,
yet mostly wrong, solution for either. Or, more accurately, mobile
experiences are being promoted over desktop experiences.
And this absurd one size fits all approach has surfaced.

Q: Some would want to be famous over being right...
A: I've heard that before, yes.

Q: You've looked modernity in the eye?
A: Yes, and it blinked first.

Q: Edward Wright?
A: Wow. You need to know about him and his work.

Q: How'd you guys pick out the hex values?
A: Quite scientifically: everyone contributed their phone numbers
,we translated some numbers to their corresponding letters, and
then mixed that shit up / Albers would have not havebeen proud /.

Q: "You become what you are around."
A: Yes.

Q: told one of them " can ask around if you want–
I'm advising not to–but, if you do keep asking around, you'll always
be asking, most likely." 
A: Yes.

Q: What is the next focus?
A: The extension(s) of (a) thought(s).................................

A: Most of what we see in visual culture is aligned with what we know as
"good" or "pretty" or, to me "ordinary." And most (8/10, say) practioners
fall within the label of a "good" visual desigenr. And that's oridnary to me.
We must be more brave in our work and be ready to fall short in the attempt
to be extraordinary.

A: Everything is a presentation of self. It's always been that way. Presently, we
have more "things" to access as presentation than we ever have. That
access to what we can use for presentation is not far
at all from what some media theorists like to refer back to. But
I do feel there needs to be some evolution of those classic
media theories as emerging mediums merge toward one another.

Q: Should we assume since one drinks alone that one is alone?
A: No. Some people who are without any others are quite unalone, drinking
or otherwise.

A: Simplification is not reduction, but organization–depending, of course, as
it could be one or the other or both.

A: A logo is only relevant in that it is used–and then, once it has been used,
that it is used consistenly thereafter. Aesthetic is irrelevant.

A: I see it often: a person is too cosumed with looking and acting cool
in these creative environments and usually their work sucks.

Q: Bookshelf?
A: I keep stacks, yes. Currently on top is Freud's Mexico, Mornings in Mexico,
Netochka Nezvanova, and Portugal at the Grassroots, oh and: some
Debord + Marinetti essays

Q: You mean piles?
A: We'rea bout to get to that, or have we already..I cant remember;
scroll up, or down.

Q: Adaptive > Responsive?
A: Yes. Mostly. Miranda July has a resposible responsive site.

Q: By making some things (basically) as easy as possible, we've made the
diffcult activity seem unapproachable?
A: I think so.

Q: There is very little proof that "good" design is "better than" or
"works" better than"bad" deisgn.
A: As a designer, and a formalist, I hate to say it, but yes.

Q: One more time...?
A: Ok, since you asked: Yes, writers are still the most influential designers.

Q: I wonder if most present day "writers" realize olden day writers were also photographers and sported beards? What I mean is: do it differently.
A: As long as the writing is right, I'm fine with that observation.

Q: You can't have layers, plural, with out layer, singular?
A: Hahaha, you're good. You are good. I got my eye on you.

Q: Of course everything communicates?
A: Yes.

Q: Sometimes it takes more effort than most are willing?
A: Yes. But there still the few who are willing.

Q: It shouldn't need to be stated that proper design principles apply
across all of the mediums?
A: I mean, of course not.

Q: What do you make of the upcoming/recent AIGA/NY workshop
"How to Make Mistakes on Purpo–
A: –Well, it's reckless. The mistakes you gain insight from are the ones
you make because you don't know you're making them untll they're made.
You can't simulate that kind of discovery. It's absolutely reckless and embarrassing.

Q: You can predict behavior, you can't predict performance?
A: Yes. That's why Nate Silver was so wrong on his sports predictions.

Q: Im not sure how to phrase this...
A: Let me say this: The limitation in the thinking of many communicators,
and eventually thier output, is in their approach to–the mehtod in which
they lookat at–design. It is "design as design." What I mean is, for them
the approach is "design in, design out" and for designers such as myself,
the approach is "life (experiences) in, design out".

Q: Don't be a scared little pussy?
A: Yes, that's right.

Q: I think the criticism shouldn't be limited to tech use in the public spaces,
but all types of uses that isolate one from the public space. For example,
it's easy and too basic to point at a person ass deep in their smart phone
walking down the street. Should the person reading a printed newspaper
on the subway be subjected to the same criticism.
A: Yes.

Q: You've said "You don't have to notice something to see it."
A: Yes, that's right.

Q: You didn't have to cram this space did you?
A: Of course not, but I have (for now, at least).

Q: Do we need to get over the poster?
A: Mostly, not entirely, yes. I tihnk we limit (graphic) design when we
seemingly glorify any one output. And the poster is the easiest form
to recognize for most, so it becomes the thing that designers want
to make first. We're in an age that the poster really has very little
significance, or it has lost its primary significance with the emergence
of other platforms.

Q: Whay are so many people enveloped with this under 30 nonesense.
A: Our field has a strange fascination with it, doesn't it.

Q: Do you like to eat lunch alone?
A: Yes, usually. It's a good break from everything/one.

Q: How does it go?
A: It goes like this: Observe, think, write, act, produce, observe.

Q: Where is a place you would work?
A: A place of natural light and concentration, or only the essentail disruptions: traffic, rain, foot steps, purring, and Bach, ambient and blunt stimulus.

Q: So, they're different mediums?
A: Yes, desktop, tablet, mobile...they are very different mediums, and
one should design not responsively, but with each medium's limitations
and possibilities in mind.

Q: The idea of contrast is a fulfilling and extreme activity, isn't it?
A: Yes.

Q: (Shouting)
A: I am honored you are shouting at me.

Q: Codex, index, Appendix, Inventory, List, Drawer, Order, Pile, Catalog, Serial.
A: Titles restrict.

Q: The complexities of all the communications is what interests you, and drives
you to perform them?
A: Yes.

Q: Why? What's wrong with collaboration?
A: Many things. Primarily it's assumptive that solutions come from
working together–and that we have to find solutions in the first place. It's
primary fault is found in the agreeing nature of working with people we
hand pick as our partners. Also, collaboration forces us to want to find a
solution. It also weakens the connection we each have with the self and developing behavoirs to adapt. And it's ill defined–or not defined at all–so it's loosely applied to any process that may not even be true collaboration.

A: I overheard a young student say in a composed, quiet, certain tone:
"I want to do brave work."

Q: Collages in 2011-present day?
A: They mosly are too contrasty and complex with arbitrary selections.
What I mean is the content is clearly defined. To clarify, what I mean is,
the collages are too eassily disectable. There is no unified content,
therefore there is little to comprehend after aesthtetics. In the collages
from the fluxus, mosltly, there is some complexity that makes the
experience richer.

Q: Influence beats the shit out of inspiration?
A: Everytime (it's our little secret).

A: There is no good or bad or like or dislike.
There is only what works and what does not work.
And what provokes and what does not provoke.

Q: What is the perspective here.?
A: It's not a perspective on design. It's a perspective on life.

Q: What is the difference between advice and a lesson?
A: Advice sucks. A lesson does not.

Q: Is the story/article the ad.
A: It appears that way.

Q: Would you say it's a matter of being very clear or very unclear?
A: Probably. (Is that clearly unclear enough?)

Q: So, why do designers love to make up these time limit projects?
A: You mean, take for exampl this recent account: let's make a poster in
five minutes and post it on the internet as a promotion to sell you these
posters that were made in five minutes? I don't know why they do it, but
it'sodd for many reasons. One being that it shows potential clients that
you can probably do the work they need you to do in half a day. So when
you try to charge them a shit load of $$$ for the work, they come back at
you with the "yeah but you made this passable poster in five minutes,
why will it take you a month to make me my thing."

Q: Design isn't a personal matter?
A: That's right, it's not about the designer's personal likes/dislikes.

Q: You recently moved pile #2 next to pile #6?
A: Yes.

Q: At what point do you consider the end?
A: At all times: As the makers of things we must not forget the users of things.

Q: Do you talk to the users of things?
A: We're all users, if not makers.Listen to yourself, but of course you can't
make things for others if you don't know first hand what they are looking for.
Of course you can give them something they never thought of, but you would
still want to be there with them at some point to hear their desires of the
made thing.

Q: ...
A: Yes–and for the last time–it's about despecialization and adaptability.
The design can be whatever it needs to be: clean, cluttered, intillectual,
and so on.

Q: Why do we sudddenly develop identities that "evolove" ...
A: Im not sure it's all of sudden, but it has ceratinly become popular. A few
reasons: Technologies allow it to be done easily. Designers follow trends.
USA Today does it smartly. SALT does it artfully, but not wonderfully and not that
originally and those designers there aren't that original to begin with.

Q: You have yet to resolve this delay in your mind

Q: A lot of your work isn't "graphic designyyyyy"...?
A1: I mean, it's like: say it, don't spray it.
A2: Say it, don't show it.....???? Nah.
A3: Is it a matter of expression or is it a didactic matter, for example.
A4: Well, I suppose if content is good, it need not be overly designed.
Usually flares and ticks are used as an necessary additive for useless content,
or to add unwarranted attention to otherwise trivial matter.

Q: ?
A: Context is the new content + content is the new aesthetic.

Q: ...So...everything is on behalf of the client or the subject?
A: Yes.

Q: What's up?
A: Continuing to further the idea and presentation of presentations/
slide shows. The notions of presentation and designing experiences
for the live is emerging again.

Q: It must be easy being a formalist and a fluxus and a futurist?
A: Ah! You would.

Q: It's interesting: you have this position that we shouldn't just put evertything
out there just because we have that capability, but this space here is exactly
that. It's place you are putting everything, ready or not.
A: Yes. We are usually contradicting our own self, aren't we?

Q: Your graffiti tag is "so what", what does it mean?
A: It means, or rather, where it is placed has all the meanig.

Q: I've heard you refer to Lobster Place as Lobster Palace.
A: It's pretty funny isn't it.
(UPDATE: It's closed until mid Feb for renovations.)

Q: On presentation?
A: It's good to respect the work. It's not good to embalm it.

Q: Are you a futurist?
A: I employ you to answer that question. Now, do some push-ups.

Q: Most people see one color as a restriction; it's a liberation though.
It reduces the options and that saves you time that you will use to
get to fully understand the one color you have.
A: Limitations are a designer's best friend.
A: Couldn't have said it better. Reduction for the purpose of expansion.

Q: Words on top of images?
A: Sometimes I don't care if it can or cannot be read. As long as it can be seen.
A: Words are images.

Q: Did you run down the hill and then leap into that pond?
A: Yes.

Q: Bane or spoil?
A: I prefer to use spoil rather than bane. It's more visceral. Bane is too easy.
For example "It spoils my existence" is so much better than "Bane of my
existence." It's like: why use a complicated word when a simple one is there.

Q: You've said design should lead as much as it follows.
A: Yes. Design should anticiapte. It should also react.

Q: Life is long?
A: Yes, life is long.

Q: There is a popular dogma in design that goes: "Don't perfect, just finish."
A: Exceptionally arrogant. And, although it's industrial and structural design,
do you think the astronauts of the Challenger would agree with all of you?

A: Related, one should only make something, or even say something, when
one has something to make or say.

Q: It just takes guts and courage?
A: Yes, we all need more of both.

Q: Is it made?
A: What do you mean is it made? Well, it's not not-made.

Q: Are you a formalist?
A: In many ways, yes. In many ways, no. A formalist will screw the content.
I make love to the content. So, that's the difference.

Q: Selt promotion?
A: It's easy to make good graphic design for yourself or that promotes
your studio . The best designers know how to get clients that are either
on board with this or convince clients that are not on board with this to
get on board with this. index

Q: Color?
A: Black and White is how you are born. Color is like makeup.

Q: Halloween?
A: I was a behavior one year. Last year I was a deep thought.

Q: Why do you need a notetaker during some meetings?
A: Well, I will have beeen daydreaming of course.

Q: What do you seek in the work?
A: Provocation. Sometimes, a finite experience with a propsosal and no

Q: What?
A: Oh, that wasn't me, but didn't you hear it?

Q: You are alive, but do you have a death poem?
A: Yes. It goes: No say over birth

Q: Why do people like you?
A: The same reason people don't like me: I'm doing exactly what I want.

Q: "...not literal, but word-for-word..."
A: What an amazing clarification by Mr. Cage.

Q: Do you despise color?
A: Get a grip. Of course not. I just think it's not neccessary.

Q: You love questions as banal as "What's your favorite color?"
and "How's the weather?"
A: Yes, they are actually perfect questions to reveal perspective.

Q: You've said objects are uncessary.
A: Design should provoke inner thoughts and then advance that
thought further to eventaully become an act of even further thought.
If an object can do that, it should remain.

Q: Is it raining where you are?
A: Yes. What about where you are?

Q: (I am responding to a question from sometime ago)
A: It's not up to you or to me, but to the subject or the content. But to answer
your question: Yes, I can give you something precious or I can give you
something crude.

Q: You've said that we're all naive, no matter what our difference are.
A: Yes, we are all naive, as different as we all are.

Q: Cooperation is?
A: So much better than (what people love to classify as, but really have
no clue what they're saying) collaboration.

Q: Four people passing off one pencll to create a drawing like an assemly line?
A: Not Collaboration.

Q: Four hands holding and using one pencil at one moment with some
talking, nods, groans and agreements, disagreements, uncertainties
to discover and direct the pencil's course to create a drawing or scribble?
A: Collaboration.

Q: That + It?
A: = Thit.

A: The only reason anything is ever "done" or "ready" or "complete"
is because it is due. What I mean is, whatever you make or do,
can be done or made better, or at least differntly. That's a fact. So, indeed,
you are not done or ready or complete; go do it again. Better. Different.
Keep going. Never stop. Re-do it. Now. Why wouldn't you?

Q: Desktop browsing is becomming more like mobile browsing...
A: Well, what you're seeing is a power shift among those mediums.
And, I do think, as similar as they are, we're talking about two
mediums. The mobile, or pad, or "flick" navigation is dominating
web experiences right now. So desktop viewing, which is actually
well into shifting the experience to be closer to that (longer scrolls,
more intuitive and less navigation), has adjusted quite effectively.
And, though it's accidental or at least reactionary, it is improving
desktop viewing and overall site design experiences.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Milton Babbitt's audio presentations.
A: I really enjoy 94% black or HEX# 181818

Q: Desing for commerce and design for culture?
A: Too much to say about that for our q/a sessions...
But thanks for asking.

Q: Will you wear two collared shirts at the same time.
A: Yes. I am right now, as you can see.

Q: The most balanced cut of red meat?
A: Skirt steak, seasoned, seared, cooked.

Q: What about spelling?
A: We've been over this. You know how I feel.

Q: Why are posters and business cards still relevant?
A1: I have no idea, but they shouldn't be.
A2: It comes down to things on walls and things in pockets.

Q: Jan WIlker asked you once if John Cage had been an influence over a presentation you made. You replied with "Who is John Cage."
A: Yes, at the time he asked I had never heard of him. But after learnig about
him, I understood that I had known him very well and that he, and his
sensibiliities were indeed an influence even before I knew who he was.

Q: You've said the film titles to My Own Private Idaho are, perhaps, the most
apporpriate titles ever for an American Film.
A: Yes. And now I would include The Master in that catergory.
A: The content of that first film is so fantastic. Who even cares about that.
That second film is a disappointment.

Q: Stretched type, rivers, orphans, Comic Sans?
A: Such basic and insignificant topics. I suggest understanding these design
basics and then swiftly moving on to larger issues.

Q: This page uses a grid?
A: I love grids, it's just that it's such an ordinary (I want to say incommunicative,
but I know all of what we do communicates something) way to display a series
of projects.

Q: This may be a repeat question? Are writers the most influential communicators?
A: Yes. Still, now and forever.

Q: To be specialized or de-specialized?
A: Someone once said specialization is for insects. There is your answer.
A: Learn something. Then move on.

Q: Can one work with others around making small talk?
A: Well, I don't know if it's proven, or if you can even prove something
iike that, but it is certainly difficult.

Q: What about your portraits?
A: I like to think a portrait can be anything that depics a person's character, mood, and/or a specific emotion at a specific or general moment. That's why I use words.
It could be lines, colors, stains, essays, webpages..and so on.

Q: Are dream sequences more like dissolves or cuts?
A: I think, as strange and unorganized as they usually are, they are still
more like cuts. Within each segment, though, there are dissolutions.

Q: Do you wish it was the fall again?
A: How'd you know to ask?

Q: How do you first go through a museum or gallery?
A: Quicky. Then I go back over it all, a little bit less quickly.

Q: Everything looks the same?
A: Yes. I despise it.

Q: Beginnings of a work or Endings of a work?
A: sible that it's the beginni

Q: Remember that time?
A: You're damn right I do.

Q: What about minimalism?
A: You know, it's wonderful. My apt is quite minimal; It offers possibility.
But it's time to shift–at least a few of us need to move away from it. Even
if it's not in our nature, a few of us have to present something else otherwise
we'll all be stuck in it. It's difficult to do well, and most don't, but they
mimmick the ones who have done it well. I'm talking total fucking chaos.
More importantly, we must re-establish the idea that we do not own style
that we do not impress our own views, but we let the subject lead us
to the output/solution.

A: A footnote is your next beginning.
A: Logos are only important in that they are used, and used consistently.
A: A logo and a brand are not the same thing.
Q: Why are we talking about this?

Q: The viewer will want something easy won't they?
A: I hope not. Clarity is fine at the right times. So is ambiguity.

Q: What does all of this mean?
A: I have to be honest: I think you have no idea what you're
talking about. And you talk too much. I mean, ALL the time.
You have a soft voice though.

Q: Why black and white?
A" It is the beginning. And perhaps the end. Perhaps, just a foundation.
A: Together, they are both everythimg and nothing
at the same time. That is a beautiful sentiment to me.

Q: If you could be hightide or lowtide, which one would you be?
A: This is another hard one...I like low tide better. But without a
high tide, the lowtide would reveal nothing.

A: I prefer to spend the first few moments (days, hours, whatever)
all over the place and then at the point that is either necessary or
predetermined I will get it together.
Q: I didn't ask you about that.

Q: Humpty Dumpty?
A: Let's just put it this way: Humpty Dumpty > genius

Q: Where is your main office?
A: My main office is in the public. It's always open. I have other offices though.


Q: Is the morning the best time to work?
A: Yes. It's a necessary time to collect your thoughts
and put them in some sort of order before new thoughts
of that day arise and interfere with the old thoughts.

Q: Is the morning the best time to enjoy "doing nothing"?
A: Yes.

Q: Wonderful.

Q: What about the afternoon, say around 2:30?
A: If you have to, I guess you have to. That is also a good
time for a sweet kiss or a walk or a sit or stare out the window.

Q: How's the weather there today?
A: Spectacular. I have on a thin cotton shirt and
lightweight curdory pants and loafers with no socks.

Q: Is beauty the idea (sometimes)?
A: Yes. Beauty is the idea (sometimes).

Q: Do people typically associate minimalism with sophistication and intellectualism?
A: Hmm. Well. Yes.

Q: What about effeciecny?
A: Worst idea ever. (Effeciency is a concept corporate bosses and finance
people made up. In the truest creative settings–where work that needs
to be thought about and considered and perhaps tinkered with for years is made–effeciency should not be tolerated. The assembly line is a different
story. )

Q: I notice you pace a lot.
A: Yes. Sorry. Would you like me to sit?
A: No no, it's fine.

Q: What?
A: Life is long.

Q: Design for commerce vs. design for culture...
A1: ...(inaudible groan)...(another inaudible groan)...
A2: Commerce is culture, sure. Pretty obvoious conclusion.

Q: Not everything needs to be made for "something, someone, some
purpose." Somethings just need to be made because you have the
urge to do or say something.
A: I know exactly what you mean.

Q: Is Space Man's final frontier?
A: No, it is the opposite. Man is Space's final frontier.
(Follw up Q: So, is it true Space is where no Man has gone before?)
A: Well, we've been there. So, it is the opposite as well.
Man is where no Space has gone before.

Q: You've said in the past that all work is personal. That there
should be no seperation inside your body when you are doing
something that has come from within you or from outside of you?
A: That's a bizarre thing to think about it.

Q: I've heard you don't like to wait for a project to land in your laps; that
you go after projects or make your own. I quote, "If yout wait
around for someting, you'll just be waiting. Go do something!"
A: It's True. I also like to eat and forget about all of that.

Q: Interaction Design is more than digital–
A: –Stop right there. Of course it is. A flip book is interaction
design. Wrapping paper used to wrap a gift is interaction design.
People just don't know what to call things so they throw this
sweeping term over it and then the dominant tendency within
that catergory (which is clearly digital in this instance) begins
to get eaten up by culture and so it all gets carried away.

Q: Can anyone be a designer?
A: Thankfully, the answer is yes. And we all should be. I'm sure
some in the field will disagree.

Q: Humpty Dumpty is a huge influence on your word based research?
A: Yes. Humpty Dumpty is smart. Well, Lewis Carroll made him smart.

Q: The reason anyone can be a designer?
A: Well, we're all taught form, color, scale, and so on in kindergarten.
I suspect, though, that this is the very least design is. We aquire courage, compassion, understanding as we grow up. Actually, we're born with
courage! Isn't that beautiul. And in some way we are nurtured along to
be cautious, which of course inhibits both courage and intuition.

Q: Re: what the f--k is up with these animated gifs and other moving things
all over the page? (I mean the page in general, not yours.)
A: Watch the language please. Well, eventually people will either go blind
or crack up over it all and then it won't matter anymore. Also, once that
trend is over it will stop, until it makes sense for it to occur and then it
should happen.

Q: Will you send a practice related email at 3:44 a.m.?
A: Yes. Of course.

Q: Intonation or Connotation?
A: This is a tough one. I enjoy both. I'm sorry, but I can't choose.

Q: Is it true that if you can make it in New York, you can make it
A: It depends. With design, or as some high end designers work,
as it is done in New York, I do not think so. I believe most designers
in New York would fail miserably outside of New York (maybe not
in London or Berlin). Their vision and outputs are so accute and
isolating–perfect for New York where there is enough of an audience
even for the work that is cared about or relevant to so few.

Q: If you were a symbol, what would you look like?

(see: empty set)

Q: Footnotes or Endnotes?
A: Footnotes–by a wide margain.

Q: Where do you begin?
(I'm sorry. It shouldn't start with empathy; you should already have that.)
A1: You start with what exists already and what you know already.
A1a: Listening. Understanding. Where it fells natural to begin.
A1b: Maybe you realize that you don't begin at all, or that you began
a long time ago.
A2: "When" is also a necessary question...but let's talk about that
later. The answer to where is: I believe it is (or can be) different every
time. Usually, it's with the question or the problem, and then making
some observations, asking what do I already know and not know,
listening to the people involved. Rarely this is not the start, and in those
cases it can begin from just about anywhere: form, note taking, output,
etc. It is similar to how the entire process has the possibility to be
different each time. It's all dependent on the problem–or more
interestingly–the question.

Q: Ok, so when do you begin?
A: Now. Immediately. (How)?: Urgently. Not recklessly.

Q: Yes, but what's the output?
A: Thank you for that question. The answer is long. Well, it's a
long list anyway. The ouput is

Q: "Thank you for that piece of design. Now, can you make it go?"
A: No. Wait. Actually, well, sure. Of course I can make it go.
But I won't. Not in this instance, for that purpose.

Q: Can a conceptual or speculative desinger make a living?
Or, what I mean is–
A: –I know exactly what you mean. What you mean is can the
conceptual worker produce a result satisfactory to the practical
real world without comprimising. I don't know the answer, but
it's probably yes.

Q: –––
A: I know what you're going to ask. There is no "We".

Q: Did you live in a tent on the rooftop of an artit's loft in NY?
A: Yes, for a month; when I moved here for graduate studies.
But it wasn't a tall building. A two story loft off the Bowery.
So, it wasn't bad at all. I ended up staying in the loft for the
rest of the year.

Q: Do you collect receipts?

Q.: Do you have a twin brother?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you look alike?
A: Not really.

A: -----No, we can't read each other's mind.
Q: How did you know I was going to ask that?

Q: You have a cool name
A: That's not a question.

Q: If you claim to never finish anything, how do you get paid?
A1: Copyright infringement.
A2: I always complete the work, but never finish it.
A3: It doesn't matter. Let's just do something fantastic.

Q: Could you at one point dunk a basketball on a regulation height rim?
A: No. Why do you ask.

Q: But, you're white.
Q: And only 6 feet tall

The frequency, orientation, density, and material
of our bars is what will
make us different from one another.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Black & White.

Q: What's your favorite kind of milkshake?
A: Black & White

Q: Do you believe in process?
A1: I believe in: observation, improvisation, spontaneity,
instinct, second guessing, using what exists already.
A2: There is an initial reaction–very intense–at the first moment
of an idea or a projcet, when you have thoughts, solutions,
fragments flushing through your mind and then all of that
wanes and at some point patience returns to help filter
the results. This isn't a matter of incessant refinement, it's
really a matter of instinct and knowing when it's right. And,
sometimes a primary element of input will be found, by
accident perhaps, or by filtering curiosities very finely, at a
point several months or years after the output has been
established...and then you'll realize you have a process
that relies on chance, assymetry and continuous discovery,
among other things.

Q: Will anyone have made it this far in the Q/A?
A: We'll see. I hope so. This isn't one of those manifesto
Q/A. Or one where the questions are generic and the answers
predictable. For example: Q: So what do you do in your spare
time, which of course I would say something unoriginal with
zero insight like A:"Mostly playing with my cats, watching the
internet (netflix watch-instantly and hulu), treating myself to
pork-fat heavy meals (and therefore slowly draining my bank
account), riding my bike around Brooklyn, impulsive procrasti-
cleaning, and hanging out with my (girl)friend/friends." Of course,
I don't do any of these things, but you get the point. Plus,
this is posted on the internet, anyone who knows anything
about the internet knows people, whether interested in the
content or not, get distracted, so we are keeping this fun
(still relevant) and succinct. (Except this entry) (Sorry, reader.)

Q: Is there a difference between inspiration and influence?
A. Yes. A large difference. It's like the difference between
a song off an album and the album. One is usuallly fleeting,
forgotten by the time the next song plays and the other usally
lasts forever, debilitating you, and stealing part of you. Maybe
it's similar to lust and love. Although, I never saw a difference
in either of those. They are also the same. For me, I cannot lust
for someone I do not love, and cannot love someone I do not
lust for. Of course, I love some of my friends, but that is different.

9/11 New York anniversary sticker. Produced at two sizes. Big and Small.
Hollowed out, white, placed on any surface to fill in Twin Tower cut out.
Alternatively, this can be used as a stencil template. Pics to come.

The second application of the graphic is to place on top of existing
iconic New York City photography and fill in the void of the Twin Towers.























































Macaroni Parenthesis














It's in there, somewhere.




Study: 2 partner Fireflies close up. Traveling and lighting up in unison (pull away from your screen to see their overlap)














Branding for a private one night event in Brooklyn.







Identity/Mark for shipping Container comapny.


















































































































































































1. ELECT/EJECT. The pathos of selection. Do we vote in favor of someone, or in opposition of someone else.
Secondarily, but just as interesting, the examination of the closeness of these two words structurally and emotionally.







































Poll created for Fashion Besat gallery that gives user chance to vote on images. This field sits above photo. Editorial and Desgin.





Alternate abbreviated logo/wordmark edition based on Fashion Beast wordmark




Identity for publisihng outlet name One.

Green Rankings spring scroll/ dual navigation.


Custom weekly typographic treatments used for Beast TV entity of The Daily Beast.


















A small book about the set theory, containing a series of considered equations.

Interior of Shuttle train from Grand Central to Times Sq for Dell (from October-November 2011).



Identity for live event sponsored by DELL that unites hackers and worthy causes. Inspiration: the cursor from MS Dos.


Postcards to Alphaville contribution.


Identity for non-profit.


A poster.

A family crest.

A political satire.


The sky.

Wordmark for MFA Thesis project and ongoing publishing and research initiative utilizing word based research.


KNICKS YOU/US/WE/KNOW campaign More images coming.

Garish, indeed. Not my typical use of color, or I don't typically use color.
Maybe I should stop.

Print advertisements for Conrad Hotel.

Made by special request for a desktop background image.
Directions to participate:
1. Email a request for jgp.
2. Make jpg background (centerd option).
3. Minimize all windows.
4. Screenshot entire screen (to all edges).
5. Send screenshot (untouched).

Titles to a fine PSA concerning bigotry towards Islam. LINK TO VIDEO to see selected titles. Credits: coming.


LP Cover (with alternative) for Ghanaian musician MENSA.


an. 1 Trophy

2012, 4 editions

1. When you do more than one thing at a time, usually none will be competely done. 2. Finite.





Pamphlet and Book Cover:
Vs. is a series of independent essays and diagrams, each comparing two intimately related thoughts, ideas, tendencies, etc.
Look Down is a photo book based on gravity and the effects of gravity in both an acute and broad context.

This is another contribution to This time using quotes from players. Quote from Michael Jordan.
Use of negative space to complete letter form, which hopefully contributes to meaning of his quote.

Book cover of I Feel, I Fell.

Courage=Authority stickers/banners. Actual size 2" x 25"

Illustration for Morings in Mexico, DH Lawrence.


Some repeated words on my new letterhead

asdf asd
book covers.

asdf asdf asdf

Identity developments; Art Direction: Bronson Stamp, Design: Nick Kastner

A lovely lady. I wonder if she is squinting even with her shades on.

An androgynous punk wannabe on a flyer.

Madison Sq Park, looking south down Broadway.



chosen illustration and Cover and then alternate Covers/Directions from June 2011 Metropolis magazine

2/0≠1-1(or anything)

2011 is a year of balance, and in this last basic equation the year as no meaning.
Visual Design of these equations is in process.

Series of sketches for line, shape , color, type


Flash website that integrates a deisgner's portfolio and blog; ended up too big to load. Does have some nice interactive surprises though. Email to set up a time for me to come over with file.

---.K.. is a bi-annual art journal. The content is shape and color; anything to do with shape and color. Then in B/W!

---Large format publication titled PATHS. Each edition identifies a specific destination (man-caused, philosophical, place, etc.)
and how we arrive at that destination.

---Handouts made for lecture: Futurism In The Classroom: Pushups and Criticism of Art School as A Stage, Jan. 2009
---There were 23 variations in composition (one each for the 23 attendees), each variation affecting the perspective, somewhat.
---Space around content was available for note taking. It looks like no body took notes though.

Model for Exploring
Word Meaning & Concept,
Through Definition.

/ One Word Dictionary (As Thesis)
The reduction of an entire system of parts to it's smallest
unit, to then expand each of those parts.

/ One Word Dictionary (Post-Thesis)
/ A Specific Word in A Specific Writing
/ My Mexico
/ Installation #1: T.S. Eliot's first words and his
four years of silence before that.
/ Experience #1: Access
/ Holiday Wrapping Paper
/ Condition Between Now and Then
/ Censored Art On-Line Archive
/ Word Based Research
/ Study of Silent Introduction (I was asked later if John Cage was
an influence. At the time I had never heard of John Cage. Now, after
finding out who John Cage was, I feel as if I always knew him.
/ Lecture: Futurism in the Classroom
/ Stolen Code Project
/ Watching Words Move, Again
/ On-Line Dictionary Experience
/ Case in Defesnse of Four or Five Categories of Necessary Objects
/ A watch that references time by events and
norms and is customizable for your own norms
/ 17 Flags from Black and White perspective